First Blog Post!

As an avid user of Facebook and Instagram, I have found it easy to become relatively invisible online in the sense that I post an image every so often, but I don’t actively participate in conversations with people or post any of my own statuses. However, being a digital media student, I have been encouraged to broaden my use of social media and become an active, opinionated and informative user of a variety of networks. This has led to my creating a WordPress, Twitter, LinkedIn and More importantly, it has led me on a sort of quest to find my niche and my voice.

This has been an area of concern for me as I have never really voiced my opinions, thoughts or beliefs online. This, I believe, is for a number of reasons – the primary reasons being fear of rejection or ‘hate’ and the belief that nobody would really care about what I had to say, along with me not actually feeling like I have anything to say anyway. Hence, I find myself attempting to find my voice in a world that is completely overcrowded with voices.

Through this process I am beginning to realise that being an active user of social media is sort of non negotiable in modern western society. If you don’t have Facebook, people tend to assume there’s something wrong with you or theres something your trying to hide. And there are also professional implications for those who don’t participate in the online world, as many opportunities are discovered online via networks such as LinkedIn or Twitter. Having a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account is now like the equivalent of having computer skills. So in an effort not to get left behind within the digital media industry I am taking social media head on! #prayforme


1 thought on “First Blog Post!”

  1. Great to hear Sinead – terrific to see you jumping into some new platforms from the get-go! I’m sure you’ll find the ‘hate’ to be pretty limited in the context of this unit, and wish you well for the trimester ahead! Building confidence in putting yourself out there can take some time – maybe try out sharing your next blog post with the unit hashtag? 🙂

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